Surfing the Southside - Hatteras Island. Photo by Zog

Friday, September 14, 2012

Living the Dream on Hatteras Island

Abby and I with 2000 PWA World Wavesailing Champion Kevin Pritchard.  The wind was light so we had an informal sup sailing contest with Kevin and I taking first and second and advancing to the quarterfinals.  It's been a fabulous 2 weeks in Hatteras.  A typical day here starts with walking over to subway for a breakfast sandwich, getting a sandwich for lunch, filling up our coolers with ice and heading to the beach around 11 for the day.  After a day of wavesailing and suping we sit on the Avon Motel porch and listen the the men who play guitars; tokin, drinkin, and rememberin the times.

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  1. The best of times, indeed! Congrats on 2nd place. Watching you guys sail waves up close and personal was VERY cool! I gotta get me some of that...

    I'm thinking about a good song for the Avon Motel. Something free and happy, like reggae... something that somehow reflects a stiff evening breeze... and the comfort of good friendship.

    Windsurfers are a great group of people. Competitive yet good sports; gutsy yet respectful of nature; free-spirited types. I'm pleased to be joining this crowd!