Surfing the Southside - Hatteras Island. Photo by Zog

Sunday, January 30, 2011

From Windsurfing to Longboarding

Sambo completed the no-surf weekend with some longboard skateboarding on Sunday courtesy of a loan from NC Board Rider's quiver.  First session was a warm up on the flats with Abby pulling me with her leash.  Second session I was drawn to the big hill, working my way up to the top as I kept loosening the trucks for carving to control the speed.    

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  1. As you try to get more lean for tighter carving you may want some softer bushings. Those are the new Randal RIIs with the longer kingpin that takes the new bushings ("Barrical"). They are 91a durometer so pretty stiff. I like the 89a or softer. Great weekend man!